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   Charity sees the need,
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"A good excercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up."
The Rotary Welfare Society is receiving the grant in aid from the Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment, Govt of India New Delhi to run this special school.

As per rule of Ministry 90% of Total amount is given by the ministry and the rest of 10% is by the Society from their own resources.
This Society is running a school for education and Vocational training of deaf students under the name and style of ‘PAVITRA DHAM’ rotary School for the Deaf.

This school has got its own building and all the facilities of the good school are being provided to the deaf students studying in the school
The first student of our school Miss Anju Dua had represented India in Asiad and awarded Arjun Puruskar in disable category by sports authority of Govt. of India. She is today serving as Astt. Gymnastic coach in Ambala. In the year 1997-98 , 4th Northern India Taik-Wando Championship....
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